Failed Dating Escapades By Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Friends

The Key to a Great Relationship

While women may tell you all a million different ways in which a relationship can be saved or secured — their reasons are about as bogus as the diet ads … Continue reading

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Better Than a Boyfriend

There is nothing quite like the relationship between a woman and her wardrobe. A woman’s closet is an outward manifestation of her inner self in such a way that no … Continue reading

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Date Auction

So the weirdest way I have every met ANYONE = date auction at Johnny’s Hideaway. I should explain: Johnny’s Hideaway is an infamous pick-up bar for divorcees and tupees. That’s … Continue reading

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Broken Friendship

When a friendship ends, one feels the cessation like a punch to the gut. And when a long and meaningful friendship ends, one feels like a chunk of their heart … Continue reading

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God Bless Freedom

From time to time when I’m watching the news or reading an article, I have a moment of reinforced emotions — often being, “I love America.” Sometimes it’s a moment … Continue reading

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Remembering the Iron Lady

I would like to a brief minute to express the respect and admiration I have for an extraordinary woman whom I have mentioned in a previous blog post. Known as … Continue reading

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Love and the Future

I think that it is probably past due for me to write a truly sweet post about an incredible guy. I’ve now told y’all about my biggest disappointment with my relationship and … Continue reading

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Love and War

Every relationship is different. Some couples brag about never fighting, while other bicker like “old married couples”. Mrs. Smith posted about her first big fight with Mr. NYC. And for … Continue reading

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First Fight Lessons

I don’t think there’s anything hugely momentous about a couple’s first fight; after all, arguments happen. In fact, if the couple started as friends, it’s likely they fought before calling … Continue reading

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The three words you DON’T want to hear

sexually. transmitted. disease. When did sex get gross, serious, and all grown up? Until recently, I was under the firm belief that sexed’s chapter on STDs was merely a scare … Continue reading

April 10, 2013 · 2 Comments

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